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David is an experienced technology entrepreneur, strategic thinker and advisor, philanthropist and not-for-profit innovator, public speaker and writer. He has thousands of ideas and is always creating new ways of looking at the ordinary to make it better. His capacity to think quickly through options and synthesize outcomes makes him a powerhouse in any conversation. With a generosity of mind and heart, his eye is always on creating ways to help those in his community.

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Kaddish Club 2

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In a follow up to his article about The Kaddish Club, David Werdiger reflects on the personal journey so far saying kaddish and leading the prayer services every day [Times of Israel]

shua zeida tefillin

Celebrating Liberation without the one Liberated?

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On the 11th of April, our family has for many years celebrating my father’s liberation from Buchenwald, in 1945. My mother would prepare a lavish banquet for the whole family. The menu was hearty, rather than fancy – in direct contrast to the hunger my father experienced during the war and his time in various concentration camps. My father would speak, and tell us stories of the past: of experiences that defy description, of relatives we never met, and of pre-war…

Pew’s Two Views of Jews

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Following a Pew survey about attitudes of Jews in Israel, David Werdiger explores the root causes of the stark differences between Jews in the two largest communities in the world: Israel and the US [Times of Israel].

how much is enough

Speaking at Pie Funds Investor Conference

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David Werdiger spoke at the Pie Funds 2016 Investor Conference in Auckland in March 2016. David spoke about understanding entrepreneurship, how much money is ‘enough’, asset allocation strategies that include exposure to entrepreneurial risk, and the additional dimensions of risk for a family office.


Not for Profit


David Werdiger is also an active writer and commentator. He is regularly published by Times of IsraelGalus Australis, News and Views from Jews Down Under, and J-Wire. He runs a blog on communal issues, and on philanthropy. Also see David on SlideShare, Swinburne, and Quora.