A malicious “advertising” campaign

For about a year, I have been the subject of a negative “advertising” campaign – and all this without even being a candidate for the US presidency! This is just the latest salvo in a bitter hate campaign against me by Chaim Herzog, his father Henry Herzog, and their cronies. The context-sensitive Google adwords links have appeared on all manner of web sites – the Jerusalem Post, Arutz Sheva, The Age, in Google searches, and even in some people’s Gmail accounts! Here is how they look:



People regularly report them to me, and some have clicked on them to see the hate sites they “advertise” (which is the whole idea of Google adwords – see here for more info).

Why is Herzog doing this? Most likely because of my involvement in JBD – Jews of the CBD, which they perceive as “competition” to Chaim. After years of writing letters, seeking cooperation, and offering mediation, their response time and again has been garbled nonsense, and an ongoing campaign of harassment, bullying, and cyber-stalking. It’s finally time for me to speak out.

Here’s the thing: they are paying every time someone clicks on an ad. If more people click on these ads, their adwords advertising budget will be used up more quickly, and/or the value of the keywords used to place ads will go up. In any case, the cost of running this “ad campaign” will increase. Whether they continue the campaign will be a test of what you might call the “pricing elasticity of hate” – how much is Herzog willing to spend to spread his message of hatred.

When communal leadership fails to deal with a community scourge like this, it takes the power of a network to combat hatred.

Update – 31 May 2012
Henry Herzog has stooped to a new low with a new hate site. This ad has recently appeared on Jewish web sites like Arutz Sheva and J-Wire. It has Henry and Chaim Herzog’s very telling signature – they can’t even spell “blogger” properly!


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