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Interviewed in Totalprestige Magazine

David was interviewed in Totalprestige Magazine to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, adapting to change, and his bestselling book Transition. In the in-depth interview, David discussed his own personal journeys: from working 60-hour weeks immersed in his own businesses (three of them) to life as a strategic adviser helping business owners and families, and from failing high school English to being a bestselling author.

Diving head first into business seemed an obvious choice at the time, but after several years of burning the candle at both ends, things came to roost and David needed to make some changes in his life. “My body was probably telling me this for quite a while, but I didn’t listen until it got this bad. So, part of dealing with the condition was learning to listen to my body.”

On why he wrote a book: “[it’s] about helping family members of all generations develop an understanding of the generational differences in a family, how to bridge those differences, and build a stronger and more resilient family. It’s about having a healthy attitude toward family wealth and the family business.”

Read the full interview here.


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