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Women in business - 50 percent

Women are at least 50% of the population, yet historically have been poorly represented in the wealth industry – as custodians and managers of family wealth, in family business, and as advisors. But that is changing on all fronts.

The percentage of wealth in the world held by women is steadily growing – as a result of inheritance (females generally outlive their husbands), divorce and entrepreneurship. In the Middle East, 20-40% of wealth is held by or for women. In Asia, there has been a surge of wealth creation by female entrepreneurs. A new female-led multi family office in San Francisco is taking a different approach to wealth management by incorporating socially-minded investment and personal branding.

Males and females have different investment strategies: for women wealth is a means to an end, while many men see the accumulation of wealth as a goal unto itself. We raise girls to be savers and boys to be risk-takers. Finally, there is significant talent within the female members of wealth families which is waiting to be unlocked, and potentially wasted if not given the right opportunities.

Consider This: What roles do female members have in your family (business, wealth management, philanthropy)? What if anything is holding them back? Are there cultural barriers in your family to their advancement? Are they sufficiently educated to be effective wealth custodians?

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