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The Cobbler’s Children go Barefoot

Risks for Advisors and Their Clients

Advisors don’t spend enough time thinking about their own succession and exit planning. Like most people, many are too involved in the day-to-day work. But like family businesses, exit planning for advisors is not just a financial transaction, but is also the chance to leave a legacy. 

The wealth management industry is ‘old’ – the average age of financial advisers today is about 55, with 20% of them 65 or older. Why? Because most of them have been servicing the incumbent generation of wealth holders. A similar profile would apply to accountants and lawyers servicing this group.

Research shows a mismatch between the ‘opportunity’ advisors see in the incoming intergenerational wealth transfer and tangible steps taken to address it. The wealth transfer poses a risk both for families and advisors., and both groups need to be aware of it and plan accordingly.

But who advises the advisors on managing this? I have been following this niche issue for a number of years, and will be launching a series of products including educational, knowledge base/community, and specialist consulting to advisors and their firms.

Consider This: Families: have you had an open discussion with your advisors about their ‘parallel’ transition? Rising gen family members: are you comfortable with your parents’ advisors becoming yours? Advisors: are you aware of the risks and opportunities to your business with the generational wealth transition? Have you formally assessed this?

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