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Family Business Governance

In times of chaos, economic uncertainty, and the crushing burden to lead the family’s assets out of the fire, the need for governance grows even stronger. 

Too many families consider family governance as a side dish – a pesky bug that wants to take away all the attention and resources from the main priorities which are revenues and operations. There is also an emotional side to effective family governance which is often overlooked by the first generation.

The principles of governance for families are very simple: How are we going to make decisions together? How are we going to communicate? How are we going to solve problems together?

While the principles are simple, implementation can be challenging. Getting a clear mandate from the top is essential, as well as dealing with stakeholders who resist change. Having external help is essential.

Some families chooses either business first or family first. One is not better than the other, but you need to be honest about the choice and develop family governance based on your choice.

In order to stay focussed in your governance journey, remember that it’s all about relationship, communication and understanding between the family, the family businesses and the shareholders.

Consider This: Has your family’s governance (or lack of it) been a factor through COVID? (How well) does your family communicate? Is there the capacity for group decision-making?

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