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Wealthy Family Conflict Resolution

Wealthy Family Conflict

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Case Study: A wealth originator dies leaving a second generation son in charge of the operating business and family fortune. A mix of 2nd and 3rd generation family members are employees but a 3rd-Gen college grad, never having worked in the family business, proposes a new business venture and asks the family to invest. Read this Horizons Article on how best-selling author David Werdiger describes a resolution-construct to navigate between the conflicting agendas and uncover…

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Conflict Resolution in Wealthy Families

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Conflict resolution is always difficult, even more if it is between families. David writes for Opalesque about family conflict resolution, especially in wealthy families. He discusses the conflict resolution model based on Harvard’s ‘Getting to Yes‘ negotiation theory. He explains the powers-rights-interests framework detailed with a case study that makes for easy understanding of a complex topic.

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