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General articles written by David, either on this site or other sites

Next generation of mobile phone plans

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David Werdiger reflects on next generation of mobile phone plans, 30-second billing plans and the introducing of 1-minute billing in NextG plans, which is standard practice in the USA. “The next generation of coverage, speed, services has brought us the next generation of mobile phone plans. The early days of mobile phone billing brought us my favourite item in the smoke-and-mirrors toolchest: 30-second billing. Now Telstra’s NextG has pushed it to the next level, and…

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A Memorable Lunch Experience

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(note: I wrote this back in 2003, as indicated by the post date, and am placing it now (2007) on the blog for posterity. Many of the numbers have changed since that time) Some people have dubbed me a “gastronomic Zionist” – having traveled 8,000 miles for a decent meal. I am currently in the middle of a 10-week sojourn in Israel, principally for my family to have a living experience here, to support the…

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