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A Modern Australian Nationalist Credo

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I love my country and am proud to call myself an Australian. I have travelled around the world enough to have formed the view that our country is up there with the best in the world. Being an Australian is a strong aspect of my identity. I support the concerns of all citizens of our country, especially so called “ordinary people” (an awful term). Does all that make me a nationalist and a populist? By any dictionary…

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How to Have Jewish Grandchildren

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We don’t really have any control over whether we have grandchildren and we have even less control over whether those grandchildren are Jewish. In this ELI Talk, David Werdiger recounts a conversation with a friend at shul that spurred his thoughts over what we do actually have control about when it comes to grandchildren and Jewish continuity. Drawing on the model of Jewish discourse and the latest in digital technology, ELI Talks capture, transmit, and…

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