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Family Business Advisor

What Advice do you Need?

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When it comes to advisors, I have two simple rules: Get good advisors Listen to them Family advisors need additional skills because they must work with the various members or governance structures of a family, and key people & structures may change with time. They need to know about communication, in order to help the family members themselves communicate well. They need to understand family dynamics, and get to know the ins and outs of…

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Values are Foundation to Success

Values are the Foundation of a Successful Family Business Transition

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How to maintain family wealth through generations? Get the best financial advisors and managers for operating assets? Other things are more important. Families of wealth must learn how to work together in the sharing of assets. A key part of that is to integrate their wealth management with their values. That means the values need to be articulated within the family. Then, the family needs clear and open dialogue discussing values as well as financial…

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What Next? Retirement, Succession, New Career?

What Next? Retirement, Succession, New Career?

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We’ve previously discussed the effect of increasing life expectancy on wealth transition – the ‘problem’ of the ageing family member who refuses to step aside is more prevalent than ever (the popular TV series Succession makes for great watching on this topic). Traditionally, roles within families have very long tenure, For someone who has been managing the family wealth for many years, the thought of leaving a job they have become very good at can…

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Keeping Family Business Strong

Keeping Family Business Strong in Times of Change

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Family businesses aren’t just businesses that happen to be owned and/or managed by a family. Factors like a long-term perspective, and the multiple/overlapping roles of owners, employees and family members are both strengths and weaknesses. These factors mean that family businesses need another set of principles to help them stay strong. Because many stakeholders have multiple hats, separation of powers is very important. Everyone needs to understand what their roles are (employee, manager, owner, etc)…

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How to Avoid the Impact of Social Distancing by David Werdiger

How to Avoid the Impact of #SocialDistancing

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With many people forced into #remotework and/or #shelterinplace, it is essential to understand the impact of the family dynamic on a business. Besides the obvious space and time-management issues, conflict in family business happens differently, therefore must be resolved differently. Disputes within a family don’t escalate suddenly. They are often built on years of relationship sentiment that is latent or suppressed. With the current #pandemic the triggers for those conflicts can easily be fast-tracked and…

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Talking about wealth by David Werdiger

Talking About Wealth; Navigating Communication with Heirs

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Most people with wealth to pass on have never talked to their heirs about how they plan to distribute their assets after they die because they consider the information too personal, according to a recent survey. In six out of 10 families, there is no process in place to ensure family wealth decisions are made and communicated effectively (from another survey). This is actually no surprise, because these sorts of discussions are among the most…

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Family Vision, Dubai

Family Vision; Founding Fathers, Rising Generations

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I’ve recently returned from a speaking engagement at a conference in Dubai, which was my first visit there. As I walked around the city and particularly the mall, I pictured “founding father” Sheikh Al Maktoum just a few decades earlier looking out on a desert, and imaging a future that few others could imagine. Creating modern Dubai took a huge amount of money and some outstanding engineering, but the most important ingredient was … vision….

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Is Your Business Sale-Ready? by David Werdiger; Family Wealth Report - Wealth Briefing

How Sale-Ready Is Your Business? Three Essential Steps

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For a business founder, their ”investment” in the business is multi-dimensional: financial and emotional. Selling the business isn’t just an event, it’s a journey. So argues the author of this article, an author, advisor and figure in the wealth management industry. There is a lot of commentary at the moment about business owners selling and transferring what they have built. It is an emotional and challenging process and the field is littered with stories of…

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Apples and Trees; An Intergenerational Family Relations Presentation by David Werdiger

Apples and Trees; An Intergenerational Family Relations Presentation

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I am speaking about “Apples & Trees” An intergenerational family relations presentation, at Dubai 2020 Edition – The Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum Collection. Would you like to attend? https://www.linkedin.com/events/dubai2020edition-theprestel-partnerfamilyofficefor/ The Palace Downtown Dubai, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, AE March 3, 2020, 9:00 AM – March 4, 2020, 5:30 PM To book David for your event, send inquiry here: https://davidwerdiger.com/request-for-speaking/ For additional in-depth, thought-provoking discussion points and commentary on family and business, sign-up to gain…

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In-Laws and Wealthy Families by David Werdiger

In-Laws and Wealthy Families

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How to deal with family members by marriage poses significant challenges to wealthy families. Should they be allowed to work in the family business? If so, should there be a ceiling on their authority (stock, voting rights, etc)? Do they have a seat/voice at family meetings? What if the only person in the rising generation with the skills to be involved in the family business is a child-in-law? What to do when a marriage is…

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