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Values are Foundation to Success

Values are the Foundation of a Successful Family Business Transition

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How to maintain family wealth through generations? Get the best financial advisors and managers for operating assets? Other things are more important. Families of wealth must learn how to work together in the sharing of assets. A key part of that is to integrate their wealth management with their values. That means the values need to be articulated within the family. Then, the family needs clear and open dialogue discussing values as well as financial…

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Family Office Trends by David Werdiger

Family Office Trends

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The family office space is constantly evolving. This is driven in part by the investment flavour of the month, global economic/political trends, wealth transition within families, the family follow-me-go-round (families looking at what others are doing), and the general competitive environment amongst FO offerings. Essentially, a family office is a set of services used by a wealth family to manage its wealth and other associated needs. There are no rules for how a FO can…

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Yellow and Black Sabbath

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Ahead of the 2019 AFL Grand Final, David was interviewed in The Age about the challenge of observing the Jewish Sabbath when it “clashes” with the biggest day in sport, especially when his team Richmond will be playing. [The Age]. David also wrote about this two years ago when Richmond played in a grand final that fell on Yom Kippur.

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Interviewed in Totalprestige Magazine

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David was interviewed in Totalprestige Magazine to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, adapting to change, and his bestselling book Transition. In the in-depth interview, David discussed his own personal journeys: from working 60-hour weeks immersed in his own businesses (three of them) to life as a strategic adviser helping business owners and families, and from failing high school English to being a bestselling author. Diving head first into business seemed an obvious choice at the time, but…

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Interviewed in INTHEBLACK Magazine

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Following the successful launch of his book Transition, David was interviewed for an article in CPA Australia’s magazine INTHEBLACK. “12 commandments of the family business” discusses the challenges of mixing family with business, particularly in the context of the estimated A$3 trillion wealth transfer taking place in Australia. Family business is a huge portion of the Australian economy, comprising 70 percent of businesses, and 50 percent of employees. Key success factors are vision, and governance….

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How to Have Jewish Grandchildren

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We don’t really have any control over whether we have grandchildren and we have even less control over whether those grandchildren are Jewish. In this ELI Talk, David Werdiger recounts a conversation with a friend at shul that spurred his thoughts over what we do actually have control about when it comes to grandchildren and Jewish continuity. Drawing on the model of Jewish discourse and the latest in digital technology, ELI Talks capture, transmit, and…

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Scholar in Residence – Alaska Cruise July 2016

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David will be scholar in residence at the forthcoming kosher cruise through Alaska this coming July. Operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines, the cruise leaves from Seattle and travels up through the beautiful Alaskan glaciers. David will speak daily during the cruise with extended lectures on Shabbat, as well as informal opportunities for discussions, most likely while sitting on the deck enjoying a fine glass of red wine and taking in the majestic views. For bookings and further…

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