AFL Grand Final vs Yom Kippur

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In The Orthodox Jewish Guide to Following Australian Rules Football, David reflects on the history of Orthodox Jews’ efforts to follow the local sport that is played on Saturday/Sabbath. With the finals coinciding with the High Holydays in September each year, and this year the grand final taking place on Yom Kippur itself, the intensity is raised a notch or two. [Times of Israel and J-Wire] The follow-up article One Day, Two Grand Finals compares the…

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Series on Jewish Mourning

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Since the passing of his father, David has written several articles on the theme of Jewish mourning. This post will be updated as new articles are added. Latest update: Jan 2018. Jan 2016 Shiva: sitting then getting up Jan 2016 And who before his time Jan 2016 ‘Hamakom’ as a Verb and Transactional Judaism Apr 2016 Celebrating Liberation without the one Liberated Apr 2016 Kaddish Club 2: chained to the amud Sep 2016 But Who’s Counting Dec 2016 The Long and Short of…

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Sykes & Picot, and Arab Identity

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David Werdiger looks back at the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I which was the blueprint for the modern Middle East. It put stability ahead of human rights, and managed to keep things reasonably stable because it reflected the nature of Arab identity. More recently, attempts to bring democracy to the region have failed because they didn’t understand Arab identity and tribalism [Algemeiner and Times of Israel (longer version)]

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