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On Jewish Giving

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Is there such a thing as ‘Jewish driving’? How about ‘Jewish eating’? While the result is the same, the motivation to give is different for everyone, no matter what their religion, background or culture, and often very complex and driven by a variety of factors. Yet for some reason, we have an ongoing binary debate as to the nature of our giving as Jews. Read more at eJewishPhilanthropy.

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Support for Jewish Day Schools

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There are several articles on this topic. Firstly, in response to some proposed initiatives for Jewish Day Schools, David Werdiger turns things around and challenges schools to boost revenue and grow rather than cut costs [eJewishPhilanthropy and AVI CHAI Foundation]. Then, a couple of pieces about the Werdiger family Jewish education grant scheme: an interview [Galus Australis] and a press release [J-Wire].

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