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Why I love what I do

With over ten years of public speaking, narration and emcee work under his belt, David “turned professional” in 2013. From a keynote to 100 high net worth individuals to master of ceremonies for large crowds of 2000+, he can hold an audience and carry an event smoothly from start to finish. His ability to combine and connect different areas of his broad expertise make his lectures an insightful treat that keeps audiences engaged.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation, technology
  • Philanthropy, including strategic philanthropy, intergenerational issues
  • Private Wealth audiences
  • Leadership & governance, particularly in the not-for-profit world and the Jewish community
  • Spirituality and Judaism
  • Living in a digital world

The really interesting lectures and presentations are the ones when several of these topics are combined – that’s when the magic happens!

See a list of David’s recent speaking engagements.

Mar 2019 – Prestel & Partner – Dubai – Apples & Trees; An Intergenerational Family Relations Presentation
May 2019 – Prestel & Partner – Singapore – Succession Planning: Timing and Management

Recent Past:
Nov 2019 – Private Wealth Network – Melbourne – How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Wealthy Families
May 2019 – Marcus Evans – Macau – Like Father, Like Son; Succession Planning Case Studies
Mar 2019 – Prestel & Partner – Singapore – Family Office Best Practices
Mar 2019 – Private Wealth Network – Singapore – How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Wealthy Families
Feb 2019 – Private Wealth Network – Adelaide, Auckland, Sydney – How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Wealthy Families
Jan 2019 – Singapore Business Federation – Singapore – Maintaining harmony in the Family Business

David Werdiger, Thought Leader

Recently on ELI talks:

How to “Have” Jewish Grandchildren

We don’t really have any control over whether we have grandchildren and we have even less control over whether those grandchildren are Jewish. David Werdiger, a public speaker and writer, recounts a conversation with a friend at shul that spurred his thoughts over what we do actually have control about when it comes to grandchildren and Jewish continuity.

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