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Looking for justice in all the wrong places

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We have a criminal justice system, but how often and under what circumstances is it able to deliver just outcomes? To understand this, let’s first consider the  important features that make the system work: an independent judiciary, the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, that both sides of a case are heard, a trial before a jury of ones peers, and the due process surrounding all of this. These are the essential ingredients to reaching…

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5775 – Annus Horribilis

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To say it’s been a difficult year for our community would be a gross understatement. The Royal Commission case study exposed us to the world, warts and all. The evidence from victims and their family members confronted us with their pain and suffering. The fallout has ripped our community apart, and opened up the deep rifts that lay festering beneath the surface for years. As we stand at the end of the Jewish year, we can look…

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After the Royal Commission

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Following the Royal Commission hearing into the Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne, David Werdiger has written several articles. With a lot of the focus on the Jewish law of “mesirah”, David points out that criticism of the AFP’s handling of the Bali Nine is actually the asserting the very same legal principle. “Knowing that a citizen would be subject to a legal system far more severe than our own, the AFP would not hand someone over to that jurisdiction”….

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Justice vs Community

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After the death of a young member of the community, David Werdiger considers the inherent conflict between the workings of communities, and that of the justice system. The challenge of community is to retain the benefits of our connectedness and avoid the injustices that often come with the territory. [Times of Israel]

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Our culture of silence must change

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What are cultural drivers within our community that stand as an impediment to us effectively dealing with domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and other social issues? On White Ribbon Day, David Werdiger takes a look at how Orthodox Jewish attitudes and cultures are standing in the way of dealing with abuse, and how the problems we have covered up in the past only fester and get worse if we don’t deal with them. Read it at J-Wire, Times of…

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