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child sexual abuse

All of us have become judges

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A judge’s job is one of the most difficult, thus in a democracy the judiciary is separated from other Government branches. David writes for The Times of Israel, dissecting the scenario when the role of a judge came into question after trial and appeals that were live streamed. He talks of the contrast between the judicial decision that isn’t questioned and judgement by social media where there is a constant influx of self-appointed judges and…

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After the Royal Commission

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Following the Royal Commission hearing into the Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne, David Werdiger has written several articles. With a lot of the focus on the Jewish law of “mesirah”, David points out that criticism of the AFP’s handling of the Bali Nine is actually the asserting the very same legal principle. “Knowing that a citizen would be subject to a legal system far more severe than our own, the AFP would not hand someone over to that jurisdiction”….

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Our culture of silence must change

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We knew. We knew that Mendel* was an abusive husband and parent. His family lived a secluded and very private life, his children home schooled, and his wife barely went out. When they needed assistance from the community it was provided, but those helping were not allowed inside the house to bring food. When they did go in, they were shocked at the living conditions, which reflected far worse than poverty. But for a long…

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Gossip Danger

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“I won’t let my child ever walk home alone again from school”, I heard a mother say, in the wake of the tragic abduction and murder of Leiby Kletzky in the supposedly safe Orthodox Jewish suburb of Boro Park in New York. An alarm and fear has descended upon a global community who until now collectively felt that “these things don’t happen in our neighbourhood”. The natural reaction of parents is to become extra protective….

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