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Family Business Advisor

What Advice do you Need?

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When it comes to advisors, I have two simple rules: Get good advisors Listen to them Family advisors need additional skills because they must work with the various members or governance structures of a family, and key people & structures may change with time. They need to know about communication, in order to help the family members themselves communicate well. They need to understand family dynamics, and get to know the ins and outs of…

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Values are Foundation to Success

Values are the Foundation of a Successful Family Business Transition

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How to maintain family wealth through generations? Get the best financial advisors and managers for operating assets? Other things are more important. Families of wealth must learn how to work together in the sharing of assets. A key part of that is to integrate their wealth management with their values. That means the values need to be articulated within the family. Then, the family needs clear and open dialogue discussing values as well as financial…

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Next Generation Family Business

The Next Generation May Not Be Interested

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Transitioning a business can be difficult when the #nextgeneration aren’t interested … It turns out there are 4 core components to consider, and if you get them right, the conflict resolution usually runs very smoothly. Medium to large sized family business (turnover $50M+) have a problem: the next generation aren’t interested in joining. There are so many options out there in the job market (jobs that didn’t exist in the previous generation) that the family…

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Purpose in Retirement - Stay At Home by David Werdiger

Finding Purpose in Transition – Retirement or Stay at Home

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People are living longer, which means time spent in ‘retirement’ is increasing – the latest US Census figures report the average retirement is 18 years. The huge numbers of Baby Boomers moving into this stage of life is becoming a phenomenon of its own, and could potentially ‘reinvent’ what retirement actually looks like. Just because they are ‘old’, doesn’t mean the huge Baby Boomer cohort won’t continue to change society rather than ride off quietly…

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Keeping Family Business Strong

Keeping Family Business Strong in Times of Change

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Family businesses aren’t just businesses that happen to be owned and/or managed by a family. Factors like a long-term perspective, and the multiple/overlapping roles of owners, employees and family members are both strengths and weaknesses. These factors mean that family businesses need another set of principles to help them stay strong. Because many stakeholders have multiple hats, separation of powers is very important. Everyone needs to understand what their roles are (employee, manager, owner, etc)…

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Value of Intergenerational Wealth by David Werdiger

What is the ‘Why’ or Value of Wealth Between Generations?

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The role of family offices has evolved from being an investment platform to guiding the next generation(s) back into the family business. A next-generation development program will help the next generation become good owners and future leaders. According to HBR, these programs focus on five key objectives: business ownership skills and competencies; family business principles and practical knowledge of the family business’ assets, understanding the family history and values; and developing personal leadership competencies. Boston…

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The Power of Pause; pandemic solutions

The Power of Pause; #Disruption of Family and Business Relationships

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a degree of change that we’ve never seen or even imagined before. Just a few months ago, few people would have believed that a virus would cause economies to shut down and cities and countries to go into lock-down. Quickly, we’ve needed to adapt to a new way of life. But the change we are experiencing and now expecting goes far deeper, and this is evident in the language we’re…

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From Cult to Crisis: A New Vulnerability in Wealthy Families

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The pandemic crisis is forcing the hand of family businesses to address the pace of change in new ways. Every day we must act and even make some tough choices—despite the lack of any reliable information about the best direction to take. Some owners make tough decisions on their own, rather than seeking help from others. Some choose impulsive or blind allegiance pathways. I wrote the following on the Bloomberg press about the Singh brothers…

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Intergenerational Risk & Resilience

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#Intergenerational necessity, vulnerabilities, and resilience are typical factors addressed in determining wealth transition. However, adapting to the changing demands, expectations and opportunities in the disruption via #pandemic will epically force family businesses to rethink their strategies. The immediate need for #workfromhome, revised #familybusiness strategy, #riskassessment, and governance are paramount for pivoting to #nextgeneration and #futureofwork organizations. In the UK, the final report by the Intergenerational Commission speaks in terms of an intergenerational contract – “the principle that…

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