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customer expectations

Sabra is dead. Long live Daneli’s.

By Blog, Galus Australis One Comment

I preferred Sabra before they switched from their previous kosher authority to their most recent one – their chips were just delicious. My friend who works in the kosher industry told me they were fried in oil that contained tallow, which is animal fat, and therefore not kosher. As a kosher consumer, I place a degree of trust in the supervising authority, so that if the food consumed turns out not to be kosher, it…

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How far to Sydney?

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The strangest thing happened the other day. I was booking a Qantas flight (from Melbourne) to Sydney, and I noticed that the arrival times had all changed. The flights leave every half hour, and the last time I booked one, the duration was 1:20. So the 5pm flight would arrive at 6:20pm. However, now, that same flight is scheduled to arrive at 6:25pm. I quickly went to Google Maps and checked: had Sydney moved 5…

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