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Series on Jewish Mourning

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Since the passing of his father, David has written several articles on the theme of Jewish mourning. This post will be updated as new articles are added. Latest update: Jan 2018. Jan 2016 Shiva: sitting then getting up Jan 2016 And who before his time Jan 2016 ‘Hamakom’ as a Verb and Transactional Judaism Apr 2016 Celebrating Liberation without the one Liberated Apr 2016 Kaddish Club 2: chained to the amud Sep 2016 But Who’s Counting Dec 2016 The Long and Short of…

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Celebrating Liberation without the one Liberated?

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On the 11th of April, our family has for many years celebrating my father’s liberation from Buchenwald, in 1945. My mother would prepare a lavish banquet for the whole family. The menu was hearty, rather than fancy – in direct contrast to the hunger my father experienced during the war and his time in various concentration camps. My father would speak, and tell us stories of the past: of experiences that defy description, of relatives we never met, and of pre-war…

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