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Using Facebook – Baby Boomers vs Millennials

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I stumbled across a wonderful article that deals with the intersection of two of my favourite topics: intergenerational issues and the impact of social media on society. It analyses the starkly different ways that Facebook is used by Baby Boomers, as opposed to Millenials. It comes from a web site called The Cheat Sheet, which is “dedicated to providing audiences the information they want in an approachable, entertaining way”. But looking at the content and the…

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Facebook Death Protocol

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Marc died yesterday. It was quite a shock – I don’t think he was even 60. I knew he had some serious health issues a few years back, but didn’t quite know the extent of them. We weren’t close friends – I’d see him a handful of times a year at our synagogue and have a bit of a chat. He was always congenial – something of a big friendly giant. The e-mails went around…

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Facebook Birthday Etiquette

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Having recently celebrated a birthday, I’ve made some interesting observations about the effect Facebook has had on how birthdays are noted. This leads to a taxonomy of Facebook users’ approaches to birthdays: The wisher junkie logs on to Facebook every day and wishes happy birthday to all of their FacebookFriends(TM), no matter how well they know them. They are the main reason birthday wishes comprise some 3.5% of all Facebook posts. The extreme wisher junkie does…

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