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Three Family Lessons from Megxit

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With the global media. online or otherwise buzzing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit (dubbed Megxit) from the British Royal senior family, David writes on LinkedIn, about the communication and methods of doing the same crucial for a family to function well. He puts this through the perspective of famous families and the tier Royal families hold even among these families constantly in limelight.

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Three Family Lessons from Greenleaf

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A powerful and prominent family, and the religious institution they run. That was more than enough to pique my interest, and after rapidly working our way through three seasons of the outstanding Netflix series Greenleaf, it reinforced so much I already know about family business, succession, and intergenerational transition. When telling people about this series, I delay mentioning the setting – a African-American mega-church in Memphis. While that aspect adds a wonderful dimension, the intersecting…

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