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Three Family Lessons from Megxit

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With the global media. online or otherwise buzzing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit (dubbed Megxit) from the British Royal senior family, David writes on LinkedIn, about the communication and methods of doing the same crucial for a family to function well. He puts this through the perspective of famous families and the tier Royal families hold even among these families constantly in limelight.

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The downside to wealth

The Downside to Wealth

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This is a difficult topic to broach, and needs to be done only in appropriate settings – indeed, that might be the most important message of this topic. After the story of BMW heiress Susanne Klatten went public, she was slammed on social media. Her personal challenges – the responsibility, self-doubt, and being targeted by scammers – are real. But it’s very hard for anyone brought up without wealth to have any sympathy (and often it’s the reverse), so seeking it from ‘outsiders’ is almost a waste of time.

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Conflict Resolution in Wealthy Families

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Conflict resolution is always difficult, even more if it is between families. David writes for Opalesque about family conflict resolution, especially in wealthy families. He discusses the conflict resolution model based on Harvard’s ‘Getting to Yes‘ negotiation theory. He explains the powers-rights-interests framework detailed with a case study that makes for easy understanding of a complex topic.

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Perspectives on the disclosure of information to beneficiaries of family trusts

Perspectives on the disclosure of information to beneficiaries of family trusts

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David co-wrote this article with Henry Brandts-Giesen for the New Zealand Law Society about two different perspectives on information disclosures for family trust beneficiaries. He discusses the the humanistic perspective while Henry discusses the legal view of it. They put forward the trustee’s obligations and rights in this article. For additional in-depth, thought-provoking discussion points and commentary on family and business, sign-up to gain access to the archives of my Familosophy newsletter (formerly Family Matters):…

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