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Playing with words

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I awoke this morning to see a stunning headline on Yahoo – Hamas fires on Arafat rally. In the story, taken from Associated Press, a rally of some 250,000 Fatah supporters held in Gaza commemorating their leader Yasser Arafat, Hamas “security forces” opened fire on civilians. Wow, I thought. This is big news – almost an Tiananmen Square-like situation, and a perfect illustration of the brutal regime Hamas has installed in Gaza since taking over….

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Violence in Gaza

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Yet another example of Ed O’Loughlin’s twisted sense of cause and effect appeared in his latest piece of the violence in Gaza. What is going on there is surely bordering on civil war between the Fatah and Hamas factions for control of the region. Palestinians are murdering Palestinians – women, children – but this doesn’t receive the top billing as a news story that it might otherwise deserve. No worldwide condemnation, no UN statements. And…

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