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Sykes & Picot, and Arab Identity

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David Werdiger looks back at the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I which was the blueprint for the modern Middle East. It put stability ahead of human rights, and managed to keep things reasonably stable because it reflected the nature of Arab identity. More recently, attempts to bring democracy to the region have failed because they didn’t understand Arab identity and tribalism [Algemeiner and Times of Israel (longer version)]

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Israel-Hamas war, 2014

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David Werdiger has written a number of pieces during the Israel-Hamas war of July/August 2014 that consider various aspects of the conflict: No Room for Restraint is a rally against the constant demands that Israel show ‘restraint’ in responding to the attacks against its civilian population. Israel is the New One-percenter discusses how the left have over-reached in their search to treat all conflicts as equal between the two parties. That’s not a Knife deals with the incorrect…

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Repost: 50 Thousand Haredim March So Only Other Jews Die in War

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This was posted on the JewishPress web site, then removed and the writer sacked. I’m reposting it here for posterity, with commentary to follow shortly. They flooded downtown Manhattan with the anti-draft for Haredim message: everybody else is welcome to get themselves killed. What was even more astonishing was their honesty regarding the bankruptcy of their entire school of faith and study. For the record, I believe the new Shaked-Lapid-Bennett draft law is by far…

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