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How to Have Jewish Grandchildren

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We don’t really have any control over whether we have grandchildren and we have even less control over whether those grandchildren are Jewish. In this ELI Talk, David Werdiger recounts a conversation with a friend at shul that spurred his thoughts over what we do actually have control about when it comes to grandchildren and Jewish continuity. Drawing on the model of Jewish discourse and the latest in digital technology, ELI Talks capture, transmit, and…

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Mr Tzvi (Harry) Raitman, 90, OBM

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For years he sat quietly in his seat in shul – week-in, week-out – like a permanent fixture. He was many things to many people. To most, he was Mr Raitman, soft-spoken elder and stalwart of the Yeshivah community. A man respected by all, with never an ill word about another. Straight as the day is long, and discreet to the maximum, he was the embodiment of the pasuk: “hatzneah leches im Elokecho”, that we…

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Shavuot 2015-5775

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David Werdiger is speaking at two Tikkun Leil Shavuot programs on Saturday night: He is on a Zooz panel discussion about how Jewish schools can/should inspire students to maintain a connection, allocation of funding to different types of Jewish education, and how these can influence Jewish continuity. See the Zooz Facebook groups for details. He is also speaking at David Werdiger at Yeshivah Centre (12.45am) about “the influence of Torah in the workplace”: how being…

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Shabbat Project 2014

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David Werdiger is a committee member of the Melbourne Shabbat Project, and wrote several articles about it. Firstly, about the perception of Shabbat as being about all the things not to do, and how the observances are necessary to create the space to appreciate what Shabbat achieves [Times of Israel]. Secondly, four lessons learned from the experience [Times of Israel]. And finally, a satirical look at the Shabbat Project [David Werdiger’s Blog].

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Speaking at Limmud Oz 2014

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David Werdiger will be appearing in several panel sessions at Limmud Oz this year, which takes place 7-9 June 2014 at Monash University Caulfield Campus. “Vegetarian and Jewish?“, with Anthony Frosh, Nikki Silbert & Seraphya Berrin “Australian Jewish philanthropy: who gives a buck?” with Karen Mahlab & Mark Joel “Whither Jewish Australia?” with Danny Schiff These should be thought-provoking and informative sessions.

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