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Galus Australis – a new frontier

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From a journey that began with writing some comments on a blog called The Sensible Jew, I had the opportunity to meet several fellow bloggers/writers who became associated with that blog. As quickly as that one fizzled, it was “replaced” by the cleverly named Galus Australis, a forum for discussion and debate about Jewish life in Australia. The editors kindly asked me to become a regular contributor on the blog, and I was pleased to…

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Daniel Pollak chose life

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I’ve buried relatives and friends – some old, and some not old enough. For the first time, I have buried a student. The grief of his sudden passing comes over me in waves, and is like nothing I have experienced before. They carry a pain that rises to the surface in tears that feel like an outpouring from the depths of my soul. Perhaps this is a result of the special bond between teacher and…

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Aren’t all Jews Messianic?

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The recent media and fuss surrounding so-called Messianic Jews really has me troubled. The concept of Messiah has been central to Judaism for thousands of years. The daily prayers are full of references to the current exile and subsequent redemption through the Messiah (in particular as the restoration of the Davidic kingdom). The State of Israel is described as “the beginning of the sprouting of our redemption”. The last of the thirteen principles of faith,…

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