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Dyslexic Palestinians Stake Claim on Al-Aska

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A new, radical, Palestinian group has made territorial demands on the US State of Alaska. The group, the Association of Dyslexic Palestinians (known as PDA), has delivered their claim to the US State Department in a chilling video. Their leader, known as Ahmad Hussein Shiekh, denied that Al-Aska was ever sacred to the Jews in any way, that it is a product of American colonialism, and claimed that it was the location where the Prophet established hundreds of mosques two thousand…

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Israel-Hamas war, 2014

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David Werdiger has written a number of pieces during the Israel-Hamas war of July/August 2014 that consider various aspects of the conflict: No Room for Restraint is a rally against the constant demands that Israel show ‘restraint’ in responding to the attacks against its civilian population. Israel is the New One-percenter discusses how the left have over-reached in their search to treat all conflicts as equal between the two parties. That’s not a Knife deals with the incorrect…

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