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Dan and Gladys – a Matter of Trust

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(Disclaimers: I’m politically aligned to the right, live in Melbourne, and the current outbreaks are far from over) COVID has become highly politicised; we might more accurately say it has brought out the worst of our political partisanship. The national cabinet is a fractured mix of a Liberal Prime Minister and mostly Labor State Premiers. The state response has followed a pattern along political lines, with Labor Premiers favouring lockdowns, and Gladys in NSW playing…

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Australia’s COVID Elimination Strategy Has Failed

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What’s the best thing about Australia? It’s far from everywhere.What’s the worst thing about Australia? It’s far from everywhere.Isolated & strong borders, reversed seasons. In the world of COVID, these would appear to be a blessing. When COVID first emerged, the cold winter in the northern hemisphere contributed to its rapid spread. In Australia, the warmer climate helped reduce the spread, and together with border control and quarantine, we were largely able to get things…

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Banning the Burqa

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Following his Hamas-hummus prank in the movie Bruno, one could imagine a Sacha Baron-Cohen character quickly dismissing the idea of banning the burqa: How could we do that!? Throw away so much tradition? Pastry filled with delicious mashed potatoes … even cheese or mushrooms. The burqa has been one of the great contributions to middle eastern cuisine … it’s hard to believe that any country would want to ban it! Following bans in France and Belgium, the burqa debate has now…

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