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Our COVID Statistics are all Wrong

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Management guru Peter Drucker gave us “what gets measured gets managed” (for better or worse). Governments bombard us daily with COVID-related statistics, but many of them are measuring the wrong things. The most common statistic is “new cases per day”, but that has serious deficiencies. Firstly, it’s quoted as an absolute number, rather than as a proportion of the population. So in the early days of COVID, the US had huge daily numbers, but as a country…

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The other important Jewish population statistic

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After the Jewish Agency released their world Jewish population survey, David had written a piece for The Times of Israel. In this article, he speaks about the other important factor that needs to be considered in relation to the global Jewish population – its size relative to the the overall population of the country. He then discusses the possibilities and reasons for the variation in proportionate size of Jewish populations of particular countries.

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One-kick Thrillers

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Michael Gleeson’s analysis of close AFL matches since 2009 makes some interesting points, but misses some very important ones. Strangely, the graphic ranks the teams not by their success in close matches, but by the number of close matches they have played. What does this actually measure? Does anyone really care (other than the AFL who want more thrilling finishes and bigger crowds)? Geelong has 18 – far ahead of  the next highest on 15,…

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