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Har Nof shul attack

Following the brutal attack against shul-goers in Har Nof, David Werdiger firstly reflects on the early morning minyan he attends and how we respond to the attacks. “The inciters call the brutal murder of innocents in a house of worship ‘heroic’ and say it is a ‘natural reaction to Zionist criminality’. What sort of culture rationalizes vicious murder as a ‘natural reaction’ to anything? The question we must ask ourselves is: what is our ‘natural reaction’ to this?” [Times of Israel].

In another article, he connects the response to the attack to the grief expressed after the death of cricketer Phil Hughes after being struck by a cricket ball on the field. “Why didn’t the global Jewish community unite in public expressions of grief following the brutal attack against shul-goers in Har Nof? Why didn’t we all tweet and instagram #putOutYourTalit to remember those innocents who were murdered while praying in talit and tefillin?” [J-Wire and David Werdiger’s blog]

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