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The Genesis of Legacy

The Genesis of Legacy is an innovative program that examines family dynamics through ancient stories and wisdom.

We do this by starting with six themes that relate to families:

  • The family’s role within society
  • Conflict within families and how they are resolved
    Four types of family relationships:
  • Couples
  • Parents & Children
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents & grandchildren

The Book of Genesis is a series of stories about dysfunctional families. These stories, however, form a progression. One of the earliest – Cain and Abel – is a case of sibling rivalry that ends in murder. The stories feature different types of family relationships, dysfunction, and conflict.

Importantly, the family system is learning from its experience. By the end of Genesis, we have Jacob and his twelve sons, who form the basis for a people.

In the program, the themes are discussed in a series of about twelve facilitated discussions. Each one has pre-reading with prompting questions.



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