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Family Wealth Advisory

Alongside high net worth families and the “great wealth transition” currently taking place is the advisor community that serves those families. Advisors are ageing at roughly the same rate as their clients, and accordingly face a parallel challenge of how they deal with generation change. They too need to do succession planning and find ways be relevant to rising generation family members and to avoid losing clients because they are “their father’s advisor“.

The Wealth 3.0 movement is a call to the wider advisor community to shift the narrative on wealth and how they advise clients. The UHNW Institute is a non-profit think tank and learning exchange seeking to elevate the wealth management industry to a new standard so that families and their advisors can foster prosperous and meaningful relationships from one generation to the next. Tom McCullough’s paper The Rise of the Integrated Advisor is an important resource that can help guide advisors on how they can better serve and retain their clients.

Advisor to advisors

As both a family office principal and an advisor to families (and faculty member of the UHNW Institute), I can offer insights and advice to help advisory firms assess and manage the risk in their changing client base, learn about the aspects of non-financial capital that are an important part of advising families, develop an intergenerational strategy for their firm, and more. I have worked side-by-side with advisors (wealth firms, lawyers, and accountants) to augment their specific area of expertise and help deliver a more holistic and integrated offering to clients.

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What next?

Book a free 30 minute discussion to talk through the risks, pain points and goals in your advisory practice. If you find that helpful and we proceed no further, I’m happy to have provided my time. If you then decide I can help, then I’m even happier.

What People Say About David

David brings his professional and spiritual self to everything he does. This shows up so well in his work with families. As we all know wealth means well-being and financial capital is something else. David understands the profound difference a families’ experience of well-being will be as he helps it unpack this vast difference in consciousness and its outcome for them. .He helps the family put its efforts towards enhancing each individual’s and the whole families’ well-beings towards theirs and its flourishing.

James E Hughes Jr - author of Family Wealth

David has been an inspirational and insightful thought leader as a member of PWN. He has presented for us on many occasions and always done an excellent job, with different and compelling content and ideas. Furthermore, he writes beautifully and express complex ideas through his writing exceptionally well. As an advisor he offers a unique perspective and an important offering for business families, focusing on releationship and succession challenges without having any conflicts of interest. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services and I often do.

Richard Milroy, Private Wealth Network

David chairs the advisory board of GBA Capital and board of Koa Capital. He has excellent commercial acumen, good humour, and the ability to maintain our strategic focus. As a consultant, or board member, David is a trusted adviser and ongoing source of wisdom.

Sebastian Jurd, Managing Director of GBA Capital, Co-Founder of Koa Capital

David is one of the most insightful thought leaders on family dynamics. I regularly read his newsletter and value his perspectives. I read his book “Transition” when I first started studying and applying the intellectual discipline of family business succession planning. It sits on the bookshelf beside my desk and I often refer back to it. Its wisdom is universal and timeless.

Henry Brandts-Giesen, Dentons Kensington Swan