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Forthcoming Book on Social Media

Since the turn of the century the world has changed dramatically in many ways. One of the greatest changes has been the advent and widespread acceptance and popularity of social media. Now almost anyone on the planet can broadcast themselves to a virtually unlimited audience. Social media has provided incredible access but does that come at a price? What are the advantages of such interconnectivity?  How has social media changed the way we see relationships? What impact has social media had on our attention span, use of time and expectations of relationships?  How has social media changes our very identities?

These are all questions raised in David’s forthcoming book. Starting with the reasonable assumption that social media is not only here to stay but will continue to grow in its influence in our lives, the author explores how  it has changed the way news and information is delivered and received. He investigates the impact that social media has had on our very definition of relationships and of ourselves. Werdiger’s balanced and thoughtful analysis shows both the upsides and the downsides of one of the most radical changes of our times, with some valuable and considered recommendations about how we can share the benefits of the medium without losing ourselves in the process.