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Books Contributed To

David is a contributor or co-author in the following books

Essential Reads on Family Offices

Essential Reads on Family Offices is your essential resource featuring insights from the world’s foremost experts on the most pressing topics facing family offices and their advisers today.

Containing a collection of authoritative materials dedicated to providing family offices and their advisers with the most informative and thought-provoking contributions on key themes, the content focuses on:

  • Family office profiles: profiles of leading family offices from around the world, highlighting their unique structures, strategies and values.
  • Governance: best practices for developing and implementing effective governance structures and processes for family offices.
  • NextGen planning: expert insights on how to prepare the next generation of family members and manage the family’s wealth and legacy.

Family offices have complex and unique needs, and Globe Law and Business is committed to providing family offices and their advisers with the resources they need to thrive. Contributions have been carefully curated from the prestigious archive of The International Family Offices Journal, co-published with STEP, and the Special Report, Family Business and Responsible Wealth Ownership in order to provide you with the core knowledge needed to manage a family’s wealth, relationships and legacy for generations to come.

David’s paper Stress tests – building resilience in the face of a crisis was originally published in the Dec 2020 edition of The International Family Offices Journal, and was selected for inclusion in this book.

Raising the Baobab

Authored by Tsitsi Mutendi, a seasoned family business insider and a leading authority in family governance and succession planning, this book transcends the ordinary, offering rich insights for a wide spectrum of readers. Embark on a journey of wealth discovery and legacy cultivation with Raising the Baobab, a masterful guide crafted for anyone passionate about building a future that lasts.

Whether you’re entrenched in the operation of a family business, offering advisory services, or simply possess an avid curiosity about wealth management and legacy, Raising the Baobab speaks to you. It’s more than a book; it’s a collective repository of wisdom, featuring contributions from over 40 illustrious experts in the family wealth advisory sphere.

David’s chapter in this book discusses which of the forms of non-financial family capital is essential (rather than aspirational) for a well-functioning family.