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David Werdiger Family Wealth Speaker and Author

David Werdiger is the author of the book Transition, and the Founder and Chairman of Billing Bureau, one of the leading Australian Telecommunications Recurring Billing Software companies. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and most recently has been speaking for high net worth groups in Macao, Singapore and New Zealand. He also presented an ELI Talk titled How to “Have” Jewish Grandchildren. As an in-demand speaker, David travels the world sharing his ideas about Family Office, business strategies for entrepreneurs, philosophies on life and philanthropy in next generations.

David is an adjunct professor of Swinburne University, has completed a Masters of Entrepreneurship and used his knowledge to expand several successful business in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries. He currently mentors and advises family businesses, CEOs, and top-level entrepreneurs on how to successfully systemize their businesses so that they can increase revenue, scale, and even exit their business. He also launched his own Family Office. David lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and five children.


Highlights of David’s Career


Not for Profit


David Werdiger is also an active writer and commentator. In addition to his personal blog, he blogs at Times of Israel, and is regularly published on J-Wire. Also see David on SlideShare, Swinburne, and Quora.

David is a true entreprenuer and strategic thinker ... an ability to conceptualise ... and deliver solutions.

Jeff Marshall

... a very resourceful and entrepreneurial individual.

Richard Guiliano

... personable, courteous and professional to deal with.

Chris Swan

... he gave considered opinion and showed both compassion for the clients we served and strong commitment to his work. It was a pleasure to work with David.

Suzanne Zyngier