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David Werdiger, writer, speaker, adjunct professor, revolutionized cloud-based recurring billing as he migrated from his second-generation family business to C-level technology growth company roles. He is a frequent speaker at International Society of Private Wealth Network events, presents case studies at private HNWI events, and public national conferences. Werdiger is a #1 International Best-Selling author of the book ‘Transition; How to Prepare Your Family and Business for the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History’ and Founder of the Nathanson Pearson Family Office in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Today Werdiger works from the #nextgeneration of EY Family Office Guide 2019 as the bridge between generations through The Nathanson Pearson Family Office Advisory. Utilizing technology tools like his exclusive Business Succession Risk Assessment (BSRA) programs and his Bridge Between Advisory Services (BBAS). Learn more about David Werdiger and his Programs of excellence at https://davidwerdiger.com and on social networks @dwerdiger and @davidwerdiger.

For more in-depth, thought-provoking discussion points and commentary on family and business, sign-up to gain access to the archives of Family Matters: https://www.transitionbook.co/family-matters influenced and partly based on the Book E-Myth Revisited case study.

What People Say About David

“David is a true entrepreneur and strategic thinker. He has an ability to conceptualize focused projects and deliver solutions. His nature is driven, unwavering, supportive and results oriented. David has achieved success where many others have not.”

Jeff Marshall – CEO

“I find David very open and easy to deal with. He is extremely professional and very experienced. David and his business solutions are extremely reliable. I’m more than happy to recommend his services.”

Indi Siriniwasa – Director Of Enterprise Sales

“David is a very resourceful and entrepreneurial individual. He is well respected and is frequently invited to speak as a subject matter expert.”

Richard Giuliano – VP International Sales

“Always an open an honest person to do business with, David has played a critical part in the creation of the carriage service provider business within Australia.”

John Green – Director Of Operations

“David gave considered opinion and showed both compassion for the clients we served and a strong commitment to his work.”

Suzanne Zyngier – PhD

“David’s company has consistently delivered cost-effective results and we seek to engage them whenever there is a mutually beneficial opportunity.”

Steve Waddington – CEO

The World Of David Werdiger

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Philanthropy - Covid and beyond

Philanthropy: COVID & beyond

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Many families struggle with the ‘why’ of their wealth. Defining a philanthropic strategy is a great way for a family to articulate a purpose for their wealth. However, only 20% of families have a formal process for doing so. At the start of COVID, there was concern that financial pressure on families would lead to a reduction in philanthropy. But in a recent survey, 43% of respondents said that the pandemic had not altered the…

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environmental social governance nextgen

Environmental, Social and Governance Investing for NextGen

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Successful entrepreneurs are often control freaks. But they can’t control whether their children can take over the business or the assets and keep them growing. Entrepreneurs may be visionaries, but sometimes it takes an external advisor to identify choices that they might otherwise overlook. Transferring full control of an operating asset to children isn’t the only option. Neither is continuing the way things have always been done just for the sake of it. The drive…

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Business Family Succession Strategy

Business Family Succession Strategy

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actionable intergenerational wealth planning practices, business owner, conflict resolution in family business, E-Myth Revisited case study, entrepreneurship, family business, family office, intergenerational wealth, next generation, nextgen, own a business not a job, succession planning best practices, succession risk assessment, ok boomer, generational wars, clearview financial media, hnwi, covid19, coronavirus, social distancing, future of work, shelter in place, 360-degree human, pandemic,

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Risks for Advisors and Their Clients

The Cobbler’s Children go Barefoot

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Advisors don’t spend enough time thinking about their own succession and exit planning. Like most people, many are too involved in the day-to-day work. But like family businesses, exit planning for advisors is not just a financial transaction, but is also the chance to leave a legacy.  The wealth management industry is ‘old’ – the average age of financial advisers today is about 55, with 20% of them 65 or older. Why? Because most of…

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grieving through Covid

Grieving Through COVID

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[repost; still relevant today] The pandemic is not over, but after a year, we know a lot more, and there are reasons for hope. There are feelings of ambiguous loss, of knowing we can’t go back (and perhaps not wanting to), but missing who we were and what we had “before”. As 2020 draws to a close, we may be catching up with family, in some cases after being separated for a long time. It…

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Women in Family Business

Women in Family Wealth

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There are several good reasons why family enterprises should care about making active efforts toward gender equity. If they want family members to be involved, their talent pool is limited, so why waste 50% of their potential? A more diverse leadership team will reap the same benefits that have been noted in the non-family business world. Finally, family cooperation, collaboration and harmony are important to families, so excluding women from paths to leadership can lead…

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