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​David Werdiger, writer, speaker, adjunct professor, revolutionized cloud-based recurring billing as he migrated from his second-generation family business to C-level technology growth company roles. He is a frequent speaker at International Society of Private Wealth Network events, presents case studies at private HNWI events, and public national conferences. Werdiger is a #1 International Best-Selling author of the book ‘Transition; How to Prepare Your Family and Business for the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History’ and Founder of the Nathanson Pearson Family Office in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

Today Werdiger works from the #nextgeneration of EY Family Office Guide 2019 as the bridge between generations through The Nathanson Pearson Family Office Advisory. Utilizing technology tools like his exclusive Business Succession Risk Assessment (BSRA) programs and his Bridge Between Advisory Services (BBAS). Learn more about David Werdiger and his Programs of excellence at and on social networks @dwerdiger and @davidwerdiger.

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​“David is a true entrepreneur and strategic thinker. He has an ability to conceptualize focused projects and deliver solutions. His nature is driven, unwavering, supportive and results oriented. David has achieved success where many others have not.”

Jeff Marshall – CEO

“I find David very open and easy to deal with. He is extremely professional and very experienced. David and his business solutions are extremely reliable. I’m more than happy to recommend his services.”

Indi Siriniwasa – Director Of Enterprise Sales

“David is a very resourceful and entrepreneurial individual. He is well respected and is frequently invited to speak as a subject matter expert.”

Richard Giuliano – VP International Sales

“Always an open an honest person to do business with, David has played a critical part in the creation of the carriage service provider business within Australia.”

John Green – Director Of Operations

“David gave considered opinion and showed both compassion for the clients we served and a strong commitment to his work.”

Suzanne Zyngier – PhD

“David’s company has consistently delivered cost-effective results and we seek to engage them whenever there is a mutually beneficial opportunity.”

Steve Waddington – CEO

The World Of David Werdiger


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Kids & Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences & Kids

By Articles, Familosophy, Featured Posts, LinkedIn, repostNo Comments

One of the great challenges of family wealth is raising children. And one of the best articles I’ve read on the topic (and I read a lot of articles) is the first link below, and I urge anyone for whom this is an issue to read it in full. It’s very important to be aware of the unintended consequences of our beliefs about wealth and the messaging we convey to our children about them. How…

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Family Equaliser

The Family Equaliser

By Articles, Familosophy, Featured Posts, LinkedIn, repostNo Comments

When there is more than enough wealth for the family itself, families often turn to philanthropy as a way of “giving back” to society. Like anything, philanthropy can be done well, and not so well, and for the right reasons as well as the wrong reasons. These factors are not necessarily connected – someone may support a charitable project purely to feed their ego, yet it may achieve substantial social good. Certainly, doing things for…

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Principia Familia - Image by Zoranm Canva Pro

Principia Familia

By Articles, Familosophy, Featured Posts, LinkedIn, repostNo Comments

I’m thrilled to have joined the experts panel at &Simple, who are focussed on helping FOs and their service providers professionalise and be future-ready through insights, services and data. In my first insight published on their platform, I articulate three principles of good family governance: 1. The stewardship (rather than ownership) mindset: family wealth does not belong to any individual, rather to the family – both present and future. The people who happen to be responsible for it at any time…

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Family business owner or management

Family Governance; Owner or Management

By Articles, Familosophy, Featured Posts, LinkedIn, repostNo Comments

When family wealth is controlled or owned by a single person (usually the wealth creator), things are simple. But at some point, the wealth will likely pass to more than one person – the wealth creator’s children. In respect of the family wealth, the members of the family are bound together through three circles of involvement: family, business and ownership. That adds a huge degree of complexity, as no decision gets made in isolation. Strong…

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Q&A How Much to Help?

Q&A. How much to help?

By Articles, Familosophy, Featured Posts, LinkedIn, originalNo Comments

Q. How much extra financial support should we give our children? A. This is one of the great balancing acts parents need to perform. Too much and kids might end up spoiled or entitled. Too little and the wealth is not there for them when they actually need it (and if it’s not, then what’s the point of it?) We all have a particular psychology of money, and these attitudes are formed in our early…

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Due Diligence in Family Office

Due Diligence

By Articles, Familosophy, Featured Posts, LinkedIn, originalNo Comments

The recent Vanity Fair expose of the Ritossa FO conferences gives us pause to reflect on one of the most important sources of value for families: our networks. Our networks are a source of deal flow – families like to co-invest and always look to what others are doing. They also are an important step-up for our children – helping them with education, employment and more. Membership organisations and the event/conference circuit play an important…

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