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David Werdiger is the #1 International Bestselling Author of the book Transition, and the Founder and Chairman of Billing Bureau, one of the leading Australian Telecommunications Recurring Billing Software companies. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and recently he presented an ELI Talk titled How to “Have” Jewish Grandchildren. As an in-demand speaker, David travels the world sharing his ideas about business strategies, philosophies on life, Jewish culture, and philanthropy.

What People Say About David

“David is a true entrepreneur and strategic thinker. He has an ability to conceptualize focused projects and deliver solutions. His nature is driven, unwavering, supportive and results oriented. David has achieved success where many others have not.”

Jeff Marshall – CEO

“I find David very open and easy to deal with. He is extremely professional and very experienced. David and his business solutions are extremely reliable. I’m more than happy to recommend his services.”

Indi Siriniwasa – Director Of Enterprise Sales

“David is a very resourceful and entrepreneurial individual. He is well respected and is frequently invited to speak as a subject matter expert.”

Richard Giuliano – VP International Sales

“Always an open an honest person to do business with, David has played a critical part in the creation of the carriage service provider business within Australia.”

John Green – Director Of Operations

“David gave considered opinion and showed both compassion for the clients we served and a strong commitment to his work.”

Suzanne Zyngier – PhD

“David’s company has consistently delivered cost-effective results and we seek to engage them whenever there is a mutually beneficial opportunity.”

Steve Waddington – CEO

The World Of David Werdiger

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Celebrating Change

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During the month of Elul, our minds turn to Rosh Hashanah, and we reflect on the year which is drawing to a close. We have many different units for measuring time – seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years – and each serves a different purpose. To paraphrase Marc Levy, if you think a hundredth of a second is a short amount of time, ask the person who won the Olympic silver medal in the…

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Using Facebook – Baby Boomers vs Millennials

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I stumbled across a wonderful article that deals with the intersection of two of my favourite topics: intergenerational issues and the impact of social media on society. It analyses the starkly different ways that Facebook is used by Baby Boomers, as opposed to Millenials. It comes from a web site called The Cheat Sheet, which is “dedicated to providing audiences the information they want in an approachable, entertaining way”. But looking at the content and the…

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Superbowl LII Preview

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Another Superbowl, and like a bad rash, those Patriots just won’t go away. OK, that was a little cruel, but I think many people are waiting for this dynasty to end, and even predicting its downfall, yet time and again the Pats find ways to win, especially when it really matters. And that’s what goodgreat teams do. Having attended last year’s Superbowl, I was awestruck witnessing the most amazing comeback ever. Games like this affect…

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Can we de-politicise Australia Day?

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I’m sick and tired at the increasing frequency that big issues are politicised, and the regular straw-man arguments that often serve to reinterpret opinions as extreme and thus polarise us further. Most of us sit in the 80% of grey space in the middle, rather than the 10% at the extremes. Yet many of us are too easily caught up in those extremes, and have lost the ability to conduct nuanced debate in that grey…

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Same-sex marriage: right or social change?

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Disclaimer: some of these arguments regarding same-sex marriage are specific to Australia. The same-sex marriage debate continues to hot up in Australia as the Liberal party stumbles around, torn from within and without. Plebecite? Postal vote? Parliamentary conscience vote? But all of this is a side-show to the core debate. As a quick aside, it’s worth noting that anyone who uses the term ‘marriage equality’, rather than the neutral ‘same-sex marriage’, has made up their mind….

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Looking for justice in all the wrong places

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We have a criminal justice system, but how often and under what circumstances is it able to deliver just outcomes? To understand this, let’s first consider the  important features that make the system work: an independent judiciary, the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, that both sides of a case are heard, a trial before a jury of ones peers, and the due process surrounding all of this. These are the essential ingredients to reaching…

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