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Galus Australis – a new frontier

By ReligionAugust, 2009December 21st, 20232 min read

From a journey that began with writing some comments on a blog called The Sensible Jew, I had the opportunity to meet several fellow bloggers/writers who became associated with that blog. As quickly as that one fizzled, it was “replaced” by the cleverly named Galus Australis, a forum for discussion and debate about Jewish life in Australia. The editors kindly asked me to become a regular contributor on the blog, and I was pleased to accept.

My initial contribution was a direct response to Almoni‘s argument for the abandonment of the private school system.

My second one was also part of a side-by-side piece called Who’s Got Moshiach, where Simon Holloway and myself discussed recent developments in the Chabad Lubavitch relating to its standing on Moshiach and the Rebbe. The ensuing vigorous discussion in comments was one of the most respectful debates I have ever seen on the issue, and I thank all the contributors for their comments.

There will be plenty to follow – some will be cross-posted here, or presented in a different form, as appropriate. Some other writing will only be appropriate for this blog. I will sort it all out eventually.

Feb 2021 update: Sadly, the Galus Australis site was closed down, and the project evolved into a Facebook group echo chamber. With thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, I have reconstructed all my articles, and they now have a home here on this site.

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