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Serena Williams

By January, 2007December 13th, 20231 min read

What is it with Serena Williams? Yes, she’s a damn fine tennis player. But please, dear, do stick to what you’re good at. Looking at the article and photo shoot in The Age this past weekend made me cringe in an “oh my god, becky” moment. The bikini is a wonderful thing, but like on alcoholic beverages, it ought to be accompanied with a label that says “we support the responsible use of this garment”.

Many things in life come from natural talent, which must be nurtured and developed to its full potential. Like the ability to hit a blistering forehand, and the ability to know what to where and when. Serena clearly was blessed with the former, but not the latter. So do the right thing, and use the financial resources available to you to hire a personal dresser. And listen to her, just like you listen to your coach! Perhaps then, you can hit some winners in the gossip mags as well.

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