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Top 3 Causes of Business Owner Burnout

top 3 causes of business owner burnout

The top 3 causes of Business Owner burnout include long hours, family strife and organizational chart mismanagement. A dose of preventive medicine could go a long way.

A compelling question that inspires action; What would happen if I was run over by a bus? Not just to my business, but to my young and growing family. I couldn’t just fob this off – it went to the core of what I was trying to achieve in creating a business

What I wanted to accomplish was to have a business that wasn’t just all about me; that could continue providing services to its customers, and providing an income to my family even if I wasn’t there.

It’s an easy thing to state and aspire to, but at the time, the business was highly dependent on me. I was the single person who knew everything about what was supposed to happen when and where and how, both on a day to day basis, but also with a view to where it was going and how it would grow.

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