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The Future Is… Female

By Family GovernanceJuly, 2021March 18th, 20242 min read
The future of finance is women

Research has shown that in HNW families, daughters were rarely encouraged nor received support to pursue entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurial families often prepare their daughters and sons differently for their careers. Cultural factors and their associated gender biases may result in the problem being far more pronounced.

Things are changing. Some 82 per cent of women from wealthy families expect to inherit substantial wealth over the next 20 years, but 41 per cent of women are currently not involved in family financial decision making. They need to start preparing themselves. The role of women within wealthy families is also shifting, in part due to the rising generation having a less traditional outlook on life. Family businesses are able to play a critical role in helping break glass ceilings that perpetuate gender roles.

There are changes in the wind on the investment and advisor spaces too. Millennials and women value investment principles that have a positive impact on challenging issues. HNW women are often less confident about making family financial decisions, prompting the need for investment relationship dynamics to change. To remain competitive, advisors must consider a truly consultative approach; female advisors are well-suited for the job. Women – more of whom will control significant wealth over the next 10 years – prefer to work with female advisors.

Consider This: Does your family treat male & female children differently? Are they given the same choices & opportunities within the family enterprise? Are there cultural or historical gender biases in your family? Is this a source of intergenerational conflict?

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