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Preparing the Rising Generation For Succession Planning

By Succession PlanningAugust, 2020March 18th, 20242 min read
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How can families best prepare the rising generation for inheritance and/or joining the family business?

Parents may reasonably worry about raising spoiled or entitled offspring, and may feel uncomfortable discussing topics like wills and trusts before their kids are mature enough to grasp such concepts. However, a failure to prepare children for the responsibilities that come with being a custodian of significant wealth is not in the best interest of the child or the assets.

In addition to an estate plan, parents ought to provide children with a sound financial education, and develop the ability to communicate honestly and openly about family wealth.

Where there is an operating business, it’s important to embrace best practice in talent management, and identify/develop prospective leaders. Genetic factors play a role, but the majority of leaders are made not born. Personality development of the rising gen is an important factor – helping them individuate, and make an active choice to join the family business, rather than doing so from a sense of obligation. Finally, it’s worth noting that women-led family businesses have increased by 58% since 2007, so sons and daughters should be a part of the same conversations and be an active part of all discussions around the family business.

Consider This: Have you thought about how to prepare children for the wealth that will ultimately come their way? Do you have ways to talk about family wealth and family business? To what extent have you considered what the children want when it comes to these issues?

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