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Series on Jewish Mourning

By Death & MourningFebruary, 2017January 24th, 20242 min read

Since the passing of his father in December 2015, David has written several articles on the theme of Jewish mourning as he embarked on that journey. This post will be updated as new articles are added. Latest update: Apr 2021.

Reading guide: these articles are best read in order, particularly if you are in mourning. They are best understood when read at the corresponding time in your own mourning period.

Date Theme/Topic Link
Jan 2016 The intense shiva experience, and how to move forward from there Shiva: sitting then getting up
Jan 2016 Reconciling your own grief with those of others And who before his time
Jan 2016 More on the shiva experience ‘Hamakom’ as a Verb and Transactional Judaism
Apr 2016 Family celebrations during the mourning period Celebrating Liberation without the one Liberated
Apr 2016 Saying kaddish, day in day out (after 4 months) Kaddish Club 2: chained to the amud
Sep 2016 More on the kaddish journey (with 2 months left) But Who’s Counting
Dec 2016 Looking back on the formal year of mourning The Long and Short of a Year of Mourning
Jan 2018 How the second year of mourning differs significantly from the first Second Yahrzeit
Aug 2018 Grieving different types of adverse events Sad vs Tragic
Mar 2019 Looking back at a loss and wishing they could come back If I could turn back time …
Mar 2020 Saying kaddish during COVID-19 social distancing rules On the 75th yahrzeit, better than kaddish?
Apr 2021 Grieving the past with an eye on the future Remembering Holocaust Destruction vs Liberation


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