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All Credit to Me

By TelcoOctober, 2006May 20th, 20242 min read

I’m very excited today, because my monthly Foxtel bill has arrived. Ordinarily, a pay TV bill would not get me excited (not even me!), but this bill is very special to me. Every month, Foxtel send me a statement showing that my account is in credit for the princely sum of $46.20. For a while I was collecting them, accumulating them on the office noticeboard. The fantastic thing is that the whole time I did have Foxtel, I didn’t receive any statements – that privilege would have cost me an extra $2 per month.

What makes this routine occurrence so extraordinary is the consistent revelation of a surplus in my account. Rather than being a source of financial concern, my Foxtel bills become a delightful affirmation of a positive balance. In fact, for a period, I found myself collecting these statements, creating a unique display on my office noticeboard.

Adding a touch of irony to the situation, I discovered that during the entire time I had Foxtel, I never received any statements by default. Strangely enough, this privilege of not being regularly informed about my credit balance would have come at an additional cost.

This peculiar billing adventure has turned an otherwise mundane administrative task into a quirky source of joy. It’s not just about the surplus itself, but the unexpected pleasure derived from the monthly ritual of receiving a bill that defies the usual expectations of financial transactions. In the world of pay TV, where bills are often associated with expenses, my Foxtel bill stands out as a unique affirmation of a surplus – a financial anomaly that brings a smile to my face every month.

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