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Grieving the Pandemic

By Family GovernanceDecember, 2020March 18th, 20242 min read
Grieving the Pandemic

The pandemic about over, but after 3 years, we know a lot more, and there are reasons for hope. There are feelings of ambiguous loss, of knowing we can’t go back (and perhaps not wanting to), but missing who we were and what we had “before”.

As 2020 drew to a close, we were catching up with family, in some cases after being separated for a long time. It was a time to celebrate being able to reconnect, but also to recap all the *(&^$ we’ve been through during the year.

Grief is a process, and in order to come out the other side of it, it is important to actually grieve. We can do this both individually, and as families. Rather than have COVID talk dominate our family gatherings, it might be helpful to formally acknowledge what we lost during this pandemic. At a family gathering, you might go around the table and have each person briefly review the impact of COVID during the pandemic on them, and on the family at large. Once that it done, you could agree as a group to formally close the book on COVID, and take a fresh positivity into the coming new year.

Consider This: Has your grief over COVID been continuous throughout the years? Has every meeting started with a mandatory rant about COVID? Have you thought about both the positives and the negatives? Have you thought about how life might look for you and your family post-COVID?

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